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Post by Steven » Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:11 pm

Here I will be posting approved songs for the service. These will be the only songs allowed during the service. Any song is allowed during the celebration after the service.

The songs selected for the service are to be chosen by a majority of my siblings unless I make note otherwise. All music is prerecorded and saved on my website. Live versions are acceptable if Robert and/or Emily Sigafoos want to play their instruments. I have not found anybody willing to sing yet but if any of the following want to sing one of these songs, I approve (Janet Holdt, Sheila Brom, Rick VanGundy, JoAnn Christiansen).

I am still looking for volunteers to either sing or play any of the songs below. I am also still looking at expanding the list of approved songs.

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Monty Python

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

Celebration - Kool & The Gang

Highway To Hell - AC/DC

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Bon Jovi

Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

Good Riddance - Green Day

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - Stevie Wonder

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Bring Me Sunshine - Morecambe And Wise