Self Eulogy

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Self Eulogy

Post by Steven » Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:22 pm

This is my self-written Eulogy. This may or may not be how others say me or my life but it is how I saw me and my life. I respectfully request that this is the only Eulogy read in memory of me.

Steven Milton Dirckx did not have an exciting life. Steven was an odd person but did make some small impacts on a few people's lives.

Steven was born on September 28, 1971. He was the second child of Thomas and Carolyn Dirckx. Steven spent most of his childhood in Luck, Wisconsin.

Steven enjoyed helping others and watching others succeed and have fun. He was a "people-watcher", he did not like having his picture taken often. Over the years, he made many acquaintances, friends and plenty of enemies. He never married or had any children.

Steven did not like asking for help or being a bother to others. There were times he did ask for help and he appreciated it, whether he told you or not, he is saying it now. He also knows he annoyed others and he is sorry and is apologizing now.

He planned his final days for a long time. This eulogy being read today was written by Steven.

Above all, he tried...he mostly failed but sometimes succeeded.

Steven thanks you for taking time to listen to this and showing up for the day. He requests that everyone just enjoy the celebration and party. It was nice to have met you.