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Post by Steven » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:55 am

Since a few people have asked some similar questions, I figured I would attempt to address them here.

1. Am I depressed? No.

2. Am I going to commit suicide? I am not planning on it.

3. Am I ready to die? Overall - yes. I expected to die a few years ago. I am trying to make people aware of some of my wishes. I had informed others in the past, but they are no longer around, so I am trying to let as many friends know. I can't totally trust my family so I need to have friends involved. I have done more in my life than I had ever planned. I am happy with that. I have little left to give anymore.

4. What is the purpose of my website? This website is my personal website. I still use it to research family trees, search for jobs, search for housing, etc. I have just started using it as a diary-type communication tool, so that friends can look and find out what is happening in my life. I may not post anything new for days or weeks if nothing is happening. I met with a couple of friends at different times but afterwards I realized there was still much more that I wanted them to be aware of.

5. Why is there so much posted about my final days? It is my current project. I am still doing research and posting ideas, so people are aware. Eventually, most of the stuff will all be combined into my final will and then there will be fewer posts.

6. Am I trying to say goodbye? That was not my intent but doing my self-eulogy basically is my goodbye. I would rather say goodbye in person to each of you but that just will not happen.

7. Why are you doing this now? It is getting harder to keep in contact with friends. Friends I used to talk to daily, I talk to either weekly or monthly now. Friends I used to talk to weekly, now is monthly or yearly. We all have things going on and it is hard to keep up. Some of my friends post updates of their lives on Facebook or other social media and I could do the same but not all of my friends have/use social media. Most funerals that I go to, people say we need to get together and hang out under better circumstances and then they repeat it again at the next funeral.

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